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How many patients do you see per year?

In 2020, we admitted 4,954 patients to the hospital, and had 158,681 outpatient visits at our clinics throughout North Carolina. 

Where do your patients come from?

While the majority of Duke Children’s patients are from North Carolina, Duke Children’s sees patients from all 50 US States and every continent except for Antarctica. 

How many inpatients are seen per year?

4,954 inpatient admissions occurred in 2020.

How many beds does Duke Children’s have?

Duke University Hospital has 190 pediatric inpatient beds, including 67 neonatal intensive care unit beds.

How many babies are delivered at Duke Children’s per year?

2,611 babies were delivered at Duke Children's in 2020.

What makes Duke Children’s unique?

Aside from world-class medical care and top-rated patient treatment? We are:

  • One of the top-ranked pediatric surgical centers in the nation.
  • Home to an intensive care nursery that outperforms national averages in positive outcomes for our most vulnerable infants.
  • Ranked second nationally in National Institutes of Health funding, recognizing the astonishing research done here every day.
  • Ranked among the top 50 children’s hospitals nationally in nine specialties by U.S. News & World Report. 
  • A clinical trial location for testing the COVID-19 vaccine in children.
Wow! What else should I know?
  • One of Duke Children’s former chief physicians helped invent the measles vaccination.
  • A Duke Children’s physician invented the child safety cap that is still used today on medications. 
  • Duke Children’s works with therapy dogs as an alternative to sedation during pediatric cardiology exams. 
  • The world’s first umbilical cord blood transplant was performed at Duke Children’s.
I came to this page accidentally, how do I get patient information?

Please visit our patient and providers website here