Kids Care Grants

One of the most tangible ways CMN Hospitals supports Duke Children’s is via the Kids Care Grant program. CMN Hospitals contributions are the sole source of funding for these grants, which are awarded annually to divisions to enhance the quality of compassionate, family-centered care delivered at Duke Children’s.

In 2023, Kids Care Grant funding supported multiple initiatives including: 

  • A clinic guide for patients in the cleft and craniofacial program, authored by a clinic patient
  • Project Library Outreach @ Duke Children's: Busing Boredom with Books
  • The purchasing of bike helmets to provide to low-income families to help prevent head injuries

  • A program to provide ongoing neurodevelopmental support for children with congenital heart defects

  • A bereavement support program for the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit

  • A scrapbook program for families with babies in the NICU 

  • Providing birthday and sympathy cards for medically complex patients

  • Activities to provide a healthy and fun distraction during exams in the Children's Health Center